Additional courses

We also offer additional special courses, led by professional external staff, to promote your child’s development in a targeted way. There is an additional fee for these weekly classes.


  • Early musical education with a music teacher



Due to high demand, we only offer full-time places.
The „basic package” includes:

 • Active childcare in the group
 • Multilingual childcare
 • Breakfast, lunch, snack and drinks
 • Afternoon nap
 • Early years education
 • Play, fun and motor activities
 • Individual classes in small groups
 • Movement space, sense worlds, sand pit, garden, courtyard, …


Here are a few more detailed examples:

Fostering movement

Movement is one of the most elementary ways in which children behave and express themselves.
When motor skills are fostered and strengthened, the child gains greater dexterity and becomes more confident as they continue to discover their environment.
Fostering gross motor skills

This is done in age-appropriate ways. Examples include maintaining balance, balancing, walking on tiptoe, throwing and catching a ball, coordination games, climbing stairs fluidly, dressing oneself, fetching materials, being able to stack and transport boxes, learning stamina, throwing, running and climbing competitions, and much more.
Developing language skills

It is through language that a child forms their identity and develops their personality. Children experience and discover that language has a vital function as an instrument of communication and affection.
Artistic forms of expression

The field of creativity and design is important for children’s development.
The Glückskinder team offers all our little explorers the chance to test themselves. For example, we offer age-appropriate craft activities in a playful way, led by specialist staff.
Fostering fine motor skills

e.g. cutting, crafts, holding a pencil correctly, finger and hand dexterity, folding work, finger games, threading beads, drawing, special materials such as feathers, sticks, laying materials, music and rhythm, etc.
Developing cognitive skills

Logical thinking, memory, concentration, stamina, thirst for knowledge, curiosity, drawing conclusions, judgement (positive or negative), sense of justice, etc.


Opening hours

Glückskinder is open all day, all year round.
We will be happy to care for your child Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Holidays/INSET days

We want the children – and the Glückskinder team – to be able to spend the important family time of Christmas and New Year with their nearest and dearest. 


On certain days the Glückskinder team works internally in order to gain further educational skills, constantly improve the internal processes and guarantee our high quality standards. Therefore, no childcare is provided on the conceptional days.


All details to specific dates and holidays are given in the following pdf´s of your facility.


Detaillierte Infos & Preise finden Sie Hier:


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Für Sulzbacher Bürger:

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Mealtimes are a key part of the children’s daily routine. We lay the table together (as far as possible), eat together, clear up together and help one another. The eating area is subtly separated from the areas where there is a lot of play and action, so that the children can concentrate fully on the meal.
For lunch, we serve only high quality foods (including organic products, regional produce etc.). The meals are prepared externally in a special kitchen and delivered to us fresh every day in time for lunch.
Breakfast and afternoon snacks are prepared every day by our own domestic staff. We ensure that a varied range of foods is offered. Of course, there will be a small sweet treat on selected days.
If you would like more detailed information on this, take a look at our current menu.


Tax information

Up to two thirds of childcare costs are currently tax deductible, but only up to a maximum of EUR 4,000 per year. Your tax advisor will be able to provide you with more details on these tax regulations and their relevance for your tax situation.
Needless to say, we will provide you with an invoice in proper form once a year, which you can submit to your local tax office.




A full-time place in the Glückskinder infant groups costs €720 per month.
The parent contribution to the kindergarten is €420 per month.
An additional contribution of €100 per month is payable for food and hygiene items.

Special conditions

the Community of Sulzbach supports all families located in Sulzbach with a monthly partial payment for the childcare within nurserys.




We offer companies and their staff a fixed number of reserved places on request. To arrange this, please contact the Glückskinder management and arrange an information meeting with us with no obligation.

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